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Final Expense

  1. Level Benefit – Designed to lock in a premium and death benefit amount for the entirety of your life. Level Benefit amounts range from $2,500-$50,000 depending on the life insurance company. The great part about a level policy is there is no waiting period like there is with Graded and Guaranteed Issue.
  2. Graded Policy – Designed for the people that don’t qualify for a level benefit policy and are not in bad enough health for a Guaranteed Issue policy. Depending on the life insurance company a graded policy may offer a 20% payout if you pass in year 1, 50% payout if you pass in year 2, and the full death benefit payout in year 3.
  3. Guarantee Issue – Designed for those that can’t qualify for any type of life insurance coverage. If you die within the first 2 years the policy with pay 110% of premiums paid to your beneficiary.

Whole Life

A type of permanent insurance, unlike term life which just pays out a death benefit if you die during the period of time you have the policy (like 10 or 20 years). Whole life stays in effect as long as you continue to pay your premium.

Term Life

Provides coverage for a certain number of years. If you have a term poilcy and die within that term, whether its 10, 20, or 30 years, the policy will pay the full death benefit.

Universal Life

A type of flexible, permanent life insurance offering the low cost premium of term life as well as a savings element like whole life insurance which is intended to provide a cash value build up.