New Whole Life Plan With Leads

New whole life plan designed to give your senior clients peace of mind. Give us a call, because we’re more than just an up-line, we’re your partner and we’re assuring your success from day one!


* High Commissions

* Issue Ages 0-85

 * TV Leads Available

* Easy Underwriting

* Industry Changing E- App & Tele-Sales Option

* Pays Same Day

Reasons To Partner With South Atlantic Management:

1. Lead Co-op Plans
2. Free customer relationship and quoting software
3. Back office support staff
4. Free Marketing Flyers with all your information to put in the community to have potential prospects contact you
5. Monthly E&O reimbursement
6. Birthday, Christmas and AEP mailers sent to your clients by us
7. Yearly incentive trips

Call (877.431.0808) or email us ( to talk about joining our team and becoming an even better insurance agent.