Genetic Testing

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received several emails from Medicare Advantage Plan Sponsors regarding genetic testing scams and how it can impact agents.  We are an advocate for our agents and want to provide you with information that abides with both carrier compliance and CMS regulations for preventing potential health care fraud.  We also want to bring awareness that South Atlantic Management is not affiliated and does not promote such behaviors.  Based on the CMS marketing rules, MA producer agreements, and the Anti Kick-back Laws, we want to remind agents that programs such as these may create opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse.  Additionally, requesting Medicare member information and/or providing it to a lab unnecessarily may potentially result in fraudulent activity.  We want to remind agents of their responsibility to follow all state and federal laws as well as the CMS Medicare Communication and Marketing Guidelines.  Agents failing to comply with state and federal laws could face termination of their contracts with Medicare Advantage plan sponsors . We will not advise on the legality of any activities conducted by third party organizations and absolutely do not condone or approve of any activities that violate CMS regulations.

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