MMP Program Opt-Out 

    You probably have already received an email from United Healthcare regarding the MMP Program. Due to the overwhelming amount of calls, UHC has made the form available for South Carolina licensed agents. It’s AEP and we know your busy assisting your Medicare clients, so we have attached MMP Program Opt-out Form for your convenience. For additional questions or information contact us at (877) 431-0808.

Important Update! South Carolina MMP Program Opt-out Form

Here are some important reminders around the use of the Opt-out Form.

Important! The Opt-out form on the UnitedHealthcare Toolkit can only be used for members currently being passively enrolled in the South Carolina MMP.

What you need to know:

  • If you need help determining a member’s status, please contact the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581.
  • Agents can assist the member in the opt out process of the MMP if they choose to continue coverage with UnitedHealthcare
    • The member or their legal, authorized representative, must sign the MMP opt out form. The agent can help the member call the state or CMS, but cannot call on behalf of the member or sign the form for the member.
  • Agents can educate members on the MMP program and their options to continue coverage with UnitedHealthcare.
    • Do not disparage the MMP when marketing to consumers or inappropriately influence (i.e. use high pressure or intimidating tactics) the member’s decision about whether to opt out of the MMP.
Reminders! Member opt-out options:
  • Members are able to opt-out of the MMP within the first 60 days of the passive MMP enrollment communication.
    • Members can opt out of the MMP in writing using the UnitedHealthcare MMP Opt-out form. This form was provided in the letter sent to impacted members and can also be found on the UnitedHealthcare Toolkit.
      • Find it by searching keyword: SC MMP
    • Members can contact South Carolina Healthy Connections Choices at 1-877-552-4642.
    • Members can contact Medicare directly at 1-800-MEDICARE
Click Here to Download the MMP Program Opt-Out Form

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